Plumbing Leak Is a Safety Problem

Plumbing Leak Is a Safety Problem

Uneven floor is the outcome of foundation settling. The reason? The ground that your living space is sitting on is no longer capable of supporting the weight of your home. When this happens, a shift in your foundation start and in the long run, will cause damage to your crawl space and basement.

How to find out if you might have a house settling problem? Take a quick walk around your homes’ outdoor area and look for uneven floor or joists that’s either sagging or bowing. When your residence is constructed, the support structure is calculated to hold anything that’s on top of it. Over time, unsteady soil, deficient support design and plumbing issues will damage the foundation of your home which could cause uneven floors.

Have a Plumbing Test

Plumbers In Birmingham can perform a test to check for excessive moisture in and around your house, as this may cause the ground around your home to expand, especially in the warmer months when the heat is also causing the ground to shrink. The soil and your home foundation will shift due to the expanding and contacting of the ground.

To fix the problem, the first step to undertake is to track down the source of your uneven floor. Be aware that this chore is time consuming and that you must crawl around in your wet, damp or mouldy basement to search for foundation problem. If you think that you can’t do it or you’re ready to have an expert take a look, call a reputable plumbing company to make an appointment. Your plumber may also advice you to book an appointment with a foundation repair company. Most service providers will send an expert to clients’ home and take a look at the cause of their problem.

Uneven floor is a hint that your residential property has a structural problem which may be caused by waterproofing problems, poor support design, and house settling.

  • Waterproofing problems can rot, sag and weaken the structural foundation of your home due to standing water, dampness and weather related water problems.
  • Poor support design like support columns and floor joists aren’t spaced properly so there isn’t enough support to hold up the weight of your home.
  • House settling is a major foundation problem because this signifies that the ground your residence is built on is no longer competent to support the weight of your home hence you notice uneven floor.

If you notice dampness in certain areas of your living space, this could be a sign of plumbing leaks. Don’t keep this problem too long. Bear in mind that leaks allow moisture to seep into your foundation. Call Plumbers In Birmingham immediately and have the issue assessed and sorted.