Security: Vulnerable Parts of Your Home and How to Fix It

Not everyone can afford to have high-tech security equipment installed everywhere in their homes. What you can do is protect these places and have a better feeling of safety.

Your Front Door

plenty of burglars go into homes right through the front door. Remove large trees and potted plants near the doorway, decorative overhangs, shrub walls and other decorations can all provide shadows and hiding places for burglars.You can secure it by adding extra lighting to wash away shadows caused by landscaping or decorations.

Your Side yards

SIde yards are vulnerable to burglars because they can sneak into these hard-to-see doors without attracting attention. These features provide easy access to the back of the property.You can add motion-activated floodlights are affordable and they’re an easy way to add illumination to your vulnerable side yard. Click here to know how you can strengthen your side yard security.

Your Windows

Windows may be unlocked or even open, particularly during warm spring and summer months. In older homes, the windows are vulnerable because they are often weakened and worn from age. It makes it easier for burglars to break into them, even if they are locked. You have to repair and replace old windows. Get new window locks that are visible from the outside. Visible locks slow burglars down and may even stop them in their tracks.